Neurochirurgie in der Ostseeklinik - Zentrum für Wirbelsäulenchirurgie


Dr. med. Frieder Cortbus

  • Neurosurgery Consultant
  • Specialist pain therapy
  • Special neurosurgical intensive medicine

Dr. med. Frieder Cortbus specialises in microsurgical operations on degenerative diseases of the spinal column. He has been working in this field for over 20 years and has already performed over 12,000 operations.

He completed his medical studies at the University of Erlangen. He was awarded a Doctorate with a thesis on the intraoperative monitoring of the optic nerve in neurosurgical operations.

From 1989 to 2002 Dr. Cortbus worked at the neurosurgical clinic of the University Clinics of the Saarland. During this period he completed his consultant’s studies and gained an additional qualification in specialist pain therapy and specialist neurosurgical intensive medicine. As Senior Physician he was for many years responsible for the intensive care ward of the neurosurgical clinic and with a specialist outpatient department for hypophyseal and base of skull tumours he looked after outpatient and operative inpatient care.

In 2002 Dr. Cortbus set up his own practice in a branch of the OstseeKlinik in Bad Schwartau.


Dr. med. Klaus Brunswig

Dr. med. Edda Ewert
  • Neurosurgery Consultant
  • Specialist pain therapy
  • Special neurosurgical intensive medicine


Dr. med. Edda Ewert

  • Doctor

Dr. Ewert worked for many years as a doctor for the German armed forces. She specialises in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture that she uses in particular in cases of chronic pain.


Sister Annemarie Kirsch

  • Specialist nurse in anaesthesia and intensive medicine
  • Healthcare careers adviser
  • Practice management


Sister Annemarie has over 30 years of professional experience in neurosurgery. For over 20 years she worked on the intensive care ward of the neurosurgical clinic of the University of Saarland in Homburg. Even at that time she trained numerous nurses in neurosurgical intensive care.

Since 2002 Sister Annemarie has been responsible for the management of healthcare and organisation of the neurosurgical practice in the OstseeKlinik. During this time she has selected and trained all the other employees. She is also responsible for the practice’s quality management, which she herself set up.

In the operating theatre too Sister Annemarie is indispensable with her experience from assisting with over 4,000 operations of every level of difficulty.


Alexander Roocks

  • Medical Technical Radiology Assistant, MTRA


In 2004 Mr. Roocks completed his training as a Medical Technical Radiology Assistant. He first worked in the Segeberger Clinics. Since 2006 Mr. Roocks has been in charge of diagnostic and interventional computer tomography in the OstseeKlinik.  


Sabrina Brunswig

Sabrina Brunswig
  • Medical Technical Radiology Assistant, MTRA



Manuela Böhm

Manuela Böhm
  • Medical Assistant

Ms Böhm completed her training to be a doctor's assistant at a dermatology practice in 1996. After that she worked for many years at an orthopaedic trauma surgery and a urology practice. Ms Böhm has been in our team since July 2014. Her job covers registration, carrying out electrophysiological examinations, monitoring patients after interventional pain therapy treatment, plus working in the operating room.


Claudia Krüger

Claudia Krüger
  • Medical Assistant


Jennifer Wolf

Frau Wolf
  • Medical Assistant


Mrs. Wolf has been part of our team since 01.01.2017. In July 2016, she successfully completed her training as a medical specialist in a group practice for neurology / psychiatry, rheumatology, and pain therapy. Her tasks include general activities in the practice, as well as in the OP.


Vivian Rauer

Frau Nath
  • Medical Assistant


Ebru Evci

  • Trainee



Consultant in neurosurgery

Specialist neurosurgical
intensive medicine

Specialist pain therapy

Lumbar and cervical
intervertebral disc operations

Decompression operations
for spinal canal stenosis

Fusion operations
for instability

Microsurgery on
peripheral nerves

Computer tomography of the
head and the spinal column

CT-guided interventions


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