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Neurochirurgie in der OstseeKlinik Neurochirurgie in der OstseeKlinik

The main focus of neurosurgery at the OstseeKlinik is in the field of spinal microsurgery. This is used mainly in the treatment of intervertebral disc problems involving the lumbar and cervical spine.

We also specialise in surgical treatment for the cervical and lumbar spine for stenosis (skeletal restriction) and slipped discs (stabilisation operations).

Thanks to keyhole surgery, inpatient stays at the OstseeKlinik as a rule last only 2 to 3 days.

The most common compression syndromes of the peripheral nerves are carpal tunnel syndrome and sulcus nervus ulnaris syndrome. Following appropriate clinical neurological and electrophysiological diagnostics, decompression of the nerves is performed as an outpatient treatment


Praxisöffnungszeiten Neurochirurgie in der OstseeKlinikAppointments

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