Quality Management / Patient Safety

Neurochirurgie in der OstseeKlinik Neurochirurgie in der OstseeKlinik

For more than 10 years, the quality of inpatient care for our operated patients has been consistently examined and verified by patient surveys according to the SQS system. The submitted questionnaires are evaluated on a quarterly basis and then summarized in an annual evaluation. The evaluations of the last few years can be viewed in full by clicking on this website.

This not only gives you access to individual patient opinions, but you can also draw on the experiences of several hundred operated patients in our clinic, who have evaluated numerous aspects of inpatient and surgical treatment in our house in detail. In addition, numerous other details of the preoperative, inpatient and postoperative outpatient treatment are shown.

The basic idea behind our efforts is to ensure the highest-quality comprehensive care of spinal column patients to Association of SHI Physicians standards. To this end, the instruments described are used. The neurosurgical team at the OstseeKlinik constantly works towards developing their knowledge and quality through participation in internal and external training courses and national and international congresses.

Here is another example of the patient's perception of the operation with us: